California Smoke Alarm Law Requires Retrofitting


California has enacted a new law as of July 1st that requires all homeowners to replace their existing battery powered smoke alarms with a new sealed 10 year battery unless they have a hard wired smoke alarm. As a result, Golden State FIRE EMS will offer a new service to replace old smoke alarms and replace with new approved smoke alarms made by Kidde. The cost for the service will range anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 per home and the cost for the new smoke alarms will range from $25.00 to $50.00. All services will be conducted by off-duty firefighters … Continue reading

Southern California Earthquake Preparedness


Today many southern Californians understand they live with the threat of a major magnitude earthquake striking the region at any moment and geologists are predicting a quake anywhere upwards of an 8 or greater in magnitude. An earthquake of this size will impact the region with widespread property damage as well as injuries and deaths. Southern California has not seen an earthquake of this scale before prompting calls for serious and aggressive southern California earthquake preparedness. This should be on the minds of all those living in southern California and should be placed high on priorities if recovery is to … Continue reading

Church EMS Ministries


During the past five years we have seen a really wonderful trend occurring in the church and is something we started advocating for some time ago. Church EMS ministries are being created and implemented all across America in response to greater calls for preparedness. We applaud those churches who have recognized the importance of having such a ministry. Unfortunately there are still many churches who are yet to consider an EMS ministry for various reasons and that can be problematic for a host of reasons. We live in a day and age where the size and scope of natural disasters … Continue reading