Event Medical Standby, What Planners and Promoters Need To Know!


Golden State FIRE EMS has been providing event medical standby services since 2006 and we have vast experience in working with event planners/promoters throughout the state of California. It is amazing that many of these individuals have no idea what goes into event medical standby as they focus heavily on booking the best bands or DJ’s and putting safety on a low priority list. As a result of this, any budget for event medical standby services becomes very little or non-existent. As we stated above, many planners and promoters have never considered to have a company providing event medical standby … Continue reading

Firefighter, Paramedic and EMT Impersonators on the Rise!


As the economy continues to dwindle, jobs become scarce and that means many people are left behind prompting them to resort to tactics such as lying on applications and in this case pretending to be something they are not. We have seen a rise in the number of firefighter, paramedic and EMT impersonators attempting to apply for positions at Golden State FIRE EMS. This has prompted the company to update its employment procedures in an effort to weed out the firefighter, paramedic and EMT impersonators. All candidates are now required to email resumes with three references. They are also required … Continue reading

Golden State FIRE EMS Employment Opportunities


Golden State FIRE EMS, a private fire, medical and safety company has announced that it will begin accepting submissions for employment. The company seeks to build its roster of professionals for its growing operations to cover the entire state of California. Company officers have begun an aggressive push to recruit from many of California’s communities. The company does stress that any qualified candidate may apply and welcomes all who wish to be a part of this organization. “It is important to recruit professionals who believe that what they do can make an impact on the lives of people around them” … Continue reading

Set Medics Readying For California Spike In Filming


Just recently, California announced a new $400 million tax incentive to bring productions back to the state which has been devastated by run away productions due to tax incentives offered by others such as Canada, Louisiana and even New York. That is all about to change and Golden State FIRE EMS has increased its staffing of trained set medics for the anticipated film boom. The company is anticipating filming levels to return to pre-2009 levels and boost the need for set medics all across the state of California. Thee company offers a variety of solutions for productions: Firefighter/EMT’s Firefighter/Paramedics Lifeguard/Medics … Continue reading