Set Medics Readying For California Spike In Filming


Just recently, California announced a new $400 million tax incentive to bring productions back to the state which has been devastated by run away productions due to tax incentives offered by others such as Canada, Louisiana and even New York. That is all about to change and Golden State FIRE EMS has increased its staffing of trained set medics for the anticipated film boom. The company is anticipating filming levels to return to pre-2009 levels and boost the need for set medics all across the state of California. Thee company offers a variety of solutions for productions: Firefighter/EMT’s Firefighter/Paramedics Lifeguard/Medics … Continue reading

ISIS Terrorist Threat Inside United States

ISIS Threat

There is growing concern over a new and credible ISIS threat inside the United States via sleeper cells. It is feared that a 9/11 style attack is in the works which is sounding an alarm throughout the Fire/EMS and Police communities. What is concerning is that the organization has been building itself for the last 4 years according to recent intelligence reports. ISIS has been labeled as the most well funded and organized terrorist organization making Al Qaeda look like a walk in the park. It seems that no matter what news source you may be tuning into the talk … Continue reading

Learn CPR and Know Heart Attack Symptoms


It ceases to amaze us how many people are untrained in CPR and do not understand what the symptoms of heart attack are. We are encouraging people everywhere to learn CPR and know how to identify heart attack symptoms in order to save a life. If more people knew CPR and the signs of heart attack, more people could be saved. To learn CPR only requires a half day to learn and once learned, can be empowering to say the least! We also realize that many people simply do not want to get involved or just do not want to … Continue reading

California Fire, Medical and Safety Services


For California fire, medical and safety services, Golden State FIRE EMS has been a preferred provider to many clients since 2006. What started out with one individual and a vision, the company has grown into a “one-stop” source for fire, medical and safety services. The goal was and is to provide the most professional and skilled first responders for a diverse range of situations. Golden State FIRE EMS has worked hard to pull in a staff that is highly skilled and professional which is what many clients expect from a company providing these types of services. When lives are the … Continue reading